Why New Dawn ?

The current rulers of Meghalaya speak in democracy’s name, they cry its name once every five (5) years but only to suppress it in practice when they assume office. They seek to co-opt, evade, corrupt, mystify, usurp and manipulate democracy in order to break its energy and arrest its possibilities. 

The elites and their enablers are a long and tedious list which include:

•Politicians and their sycophants who ensure the maintenance and continuation of dynastic rule. 

•An out-dated Bureaucracy/Technocracy entirely disconnected from the aspirations of the Public.

•Propped up businessmen and self-styled entrepreneurs who fail to be competitive in practice and who constantly leech off the state’s meagre resources. 

•Right Wing xenophobes appealing to the most base and vilest emotions of hatred and fear 

•Mineral mafioso who have sold off the state’s natural resources for personal power and profit

•Corrupt and high-handed police and paramilitary personnel. 

The movements of the 20th century that birthed Meghalaya were remarkable achievements, especially when you consider the tragic fact that Indigenous people the world over continue to struggle to establish and govern their own autonomous polities. This momentum for change has unfortunately not been sustained and today we find ourselves in a quagmire infested by economic uncertainty and financial mismanagement which have led to murderous chauvinism and barbarity. Meghalaya could have been the proverbial lighthouse,  showing the rest of India how peace and prosperity could be achieved within a few decades and with limited means.

Alas, today, a confederacy of myopic politicians and economically naïve officials submit slavishly to the edicts of those with wealth, alienating people and creating a future with no hope in sight. The price of this deceit is not merely the end of democracy but also poor economic policies which have hurt the weakest sections of society disproportionately.


About Us 

New Dawn is a democratic socialist collective committed to creating an egalitarian and inclusive society. We seek governance that will pursue a fairer distribution of political and economic power. We want to bring down barriers to full participation in economic and social life so that everyone shares in a collective prosperity, regardless of their background, social class, or wealth.

Our mission is two-fold: long-term and short-term. Firstly we wish to involve the people of the state in the building of a Progressive movement. This will involve various engagements and interactions to strengthen their critical ability and resolution.  Secondly we also realise that political mobilisation must happen in the short term. After decades of political and economic stagnation people must have their universal adult franchise exercised in a meaningful way. Our political arm will wring power from the crooked and corrupt and restore people’s faith in democracy and our democratic institutions.     

New Dawn believes in economic growth, opportunity and fairness. We will work to ensure growth is inclusive and prosperity shared. We will not rely on “trickle-down” economics but will take an active roll in demanding more investments in human capital and an expansion in Meghalaya’s key sectors such as agriculture, education, creative industries etc. With inequality rising around the world, New Dawn will strive the implementation of policies designed to reduce inequality so people of all backgrounds can continue to contribute to Meghalaya’s prosperity.


Our Immediate Concerns

New Dawn Meghalaya is dedicated to a few central causes which we believe are the most pressing concerns for our state.

 Read on to learn more.


Anti-Corruption & Transparency 

We have a “no tolerance” policy towards corruption. We have seen how it is destroying our society and we are resolved to take up to fight against this insidious cancer. We believe in a strong Lokayukta, a strong RTI Act and strong Social Auditing. Unlike other groups we will no longer ignore corruption but will openly and persistently bring it up.

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